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The most modern method of taking supplements is by non-medical transdermal patches.

Transdermal patches are becoming more popular and are being developed for everything from the quit smoking (nicotine) patch to Parkinson's disease. Transdermal patches are available to help gain muscles, to prevent mosquitoes bites, to help with sleep disorder or to infuse hormones into the blood stream to alleviate symptoms of menopause. Since many oral medications harm the liver, transdermal medications have proven to be less harsh on the effects of the liver and effective in transmission and treatment.

Using patches is convenient and easy and produce more even blood levels of a drug, because the drug is constantly diffusing from the patch into the circulation. While patch technology would seem to be an ideal drug delivery system, more drugs are not available as patches because the drug molecules need to be small enough to be absorbed this way, for example the insulin molecule is too large.

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